Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle Service

In our Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti central service area, Custom Transit provides the area's best value in airport transportation: a quality, door-to-door, environmentally-friendly, shared-ride airport shuttle. Our airport shuttle offers outstanding on-time performance, courteous service, experienced staff, new vehicles, large luggage capacity, and very affordable rates. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Custom Transit Airport Shuttle is the area's fastest growing transportation service:

Value Priced: With our airport shuttle, you can go roundtrip for what a metered taxi charges. In addition, we also offer discounts for college students, for orders placed through our web site, and for GoPass! holders.

On-Time Guarantee: We offer an on-time guarantee with our airport shuttle. Do you know of any other company that does that? We don't. If we don't transport you from your pick-up point to your destination within the stated time, the ride is free! See link for details.

Environmental Commitment: Our airport shuttle has removed thousands of vehicles from the roads in our community and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of tons. You can help the environment while saving yourself money!

Terminal Directions: Don't Get Lost at the Airport! We provide precise, airline-specific written directions to our assigned pick-up points at Detroit Metro Airport. We also have an experienced staff trained to guide you to our pick-up point over the phone. It's just one more way that we make our service reliable, easy-to-use and worry-free.

Flight Tracking: We track the arrival times of your flight into Detroit Metro Airport, so you can be sure that your vehicle is at the right place at the right time - even when the airline isn't.

Luggage Capacity: Our airport shuttle uses 12-passenger Ford and General Motors vans that can easily accommodate 8 passengers and a substantial amount of luggage! You won't need to worry about whether your luggage fits in our vehicles.